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The Australian actor is the new face of Politix’s autum/winter campaign, and is set to help the brand tackle the broad issue of masculinity in men’s fashion.
What does the modern idea of masculinity look like to you? It’s the question on everyone’s lips as we see more and more men get more adventurous in their clothing—or reimagine their staples. For Politix, modern masculinity goes deeper than just what it looks like, but also what it feels like. Its newest campaign, dubbed ‘The Gentle Man’ Politix taps Australian actor Dacre Montgomery for its new face, and showcases the timeless beauty of the new autumn/winter collection.

In the landscape of a perpetually shifting definition of masculinity, one that embraces all the nuances of the word, the new campaign offers another fresh take. Playing on the theme of ‘masks’ the camping was launched with a sleek video, in which you can hear Montgomery speak about becoming comfortable in his own skin, shedding the masks of pretend feelings and roles.

It’s Montgomery’s first official appearance wearing the brand since he was announced as the ambassador at the start of the year. “Growing up, it felt like the expectations of masculinity were someone that played sport, someone that was more overtly stereotypically masculine—and that wasn’t what I was,” Montgomery says his enlightenment to the modern man.

The masculine ideal of the suit is rehashed and injected with a sleek imprint of Politix cool. Evolving beyond the traditional black or navy suits, towards more premium fabrications in soft white and biscuit, to compliment the deep chocolate colour trend in modern tailoring. Most notably this season is the introduction of premium Australian wool suiting delivered in a wider range of cuts, perfectly matched to the diverse range of cotton chinos and tailored shirts—key components of any lasting wardrobe.

Each of the range of suits are styled on Montgomery layered above and under the Antipodean cooler weather essentials. Everything from textured, cable-knit sweaters, to larger oversized coats—there’s a piece for every occasion during the cooler months.

‘The Gentle Man’ campaign champions Montgomery as Australia’s challenger to outdated notions of masculinity. Wearing a suit should be done as you like it, and as you feel comfortable doing. By bringing to life the new stylings of the modern man, Montgomery comfortably ushers in the new ideas of ‘dressing like a man’ with Politix.


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