Family Tree

Character: Will

Directed by: David Vincent Smith

Written by: David Vincent Smith

Cast Members: Anna Bauert, Fiona Blakely

Released date: January 26, 2011

Genre: Drama

Family Tree is a show about a foster home. The world revolves around Lynette, a foster mother who is the binding force of a family that consists of four foster children, her own teenage daughter, her own elderly mother and her estranged husband. One night, her daughter, Lian, discovers a teenage boy Will, sixteen, at the local park and brings him home when she learns he has no where to stay. Will's house has been burnt to the ground and when he moves into Lynette's home it kick starts a series of crisis's, lies and drama only a foster home could know. Family Tree is an intense, emotional and inspiring series about the offspring of neglect.

Script developed by Never Enough Design